Visualizing The Outcome

I was on my way to make a pickup at a customer. I was given the directions even through I had an iPhone Map to give me directions. What I did at that moment came natural, I visualized the route in my minds eye from where I was at that moment to the destination. I saw the entrance to the highway, traffic, crossroads, alternate routes, landmarks and finally the destination. I basically visualized what it would take for me to accomplish every task I needed in order to get to my destination.

Everyday in our lives we sometimes to forget what it takes to accomplish our goals. We focus on so many things at once, multitasking, that we eventually loose sight of our final outcome. Here are some steps I usually do when meeting  a goal.

1. You need to find out what the problem is. 

2. What it will take to create a solution.

3. What the obstacles in-between and in-between those obstacles are.

4. Then you need to map out your path.

5. Lastly you need to visualize and execute.

It’s important that you visualize within our minds eye what you’re trying to achieve, so that you don’t loose focus of it. We sometimes tend to find ourselves lost by other things that come up by forgetting the goal by simply taking our mind off the path we’re on. It’s important to set priorities and projected time of your accomplishments and goals.

In order to be successful at what you do take these steps, to visualizing the outcome. Focus on on the tasks at hand.


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