NASA’s Super Smart — and Awesome — Instagram Take on Cosmos


The numbers for the premiere episode of FOX’s reboot of the classic space show Cosmos have yet to come in — but we already know that nearly 35,000 people actively liked one particular moment. It wasn’t a moment on the show itself, but rather the well-timed appearance of the oldest known star, as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope:

In a spot-on second-screen choice, NASA capitalized on the much-anticipated Neil deGrasse Tyson broadcast with a series of tie-in Instagram posts that were, for the most part, far more fascinating than the show’s official tweets. Given that recent studies have shown that nearly half of Americans are on another screen while watching TV — and more than two-thirds of those people are actively looking for content related to the show they’re watching— the decision by the agency to watch and post makes lots of sense.

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