At The Risk of Being an Asshole

Ever meet that boss or person placed in a leadership position that all of a sudden has become a total jerk? Some call them assholes in small circles in the office and others that have the ability call them out on the spot. Those individuals that can call them out are most likely not in direct contact, affiliation or just don’t have to do anything to do with them. These asshole weren’t assholes all their lives, sure some are born that way, but most are just made that way. Worse they are creating a difficult work environment.

These individuals are given a position of power and all of a sudden they can say what they want, do what they want, and be who they want. They usually forget about the little people in regard for their own personal satisfactions. All of a sudden they’ve become the center of their universe and yours. It’s a form of selfishness because now they’re in the position to get all the things they ever wanted and could careless about anyone else. Trying to evade them will be difficult and making a simple run to the printer will have to be a tactful one.

Escape while you can because these individuals will deteriorate and demean your life like water over stone. These personalities are like an infectious disease and unless you’re wearing CDC equipment you’re going to be at risk at becoming an asshole one day as well or even worse an asshole by association. Still, if you’re unable to escape the zombie tentacles of this type of personality keep a smart distance. Document all the insults, you may need them one day.

Also tell your friends to notify you when you’re an asshole. Keep those friends so that when you do acquire a position of authority that threatens to turn you into an asshole, you’re friends will keep you in check. And by all means don’t create a gang with your friends. Remember you’re trying create an office friendly area to work in where co-workers will enjoy participating, be more productive and can’t wait to see you’re smiling face. We don’t want to look at their sulking fake faces filled with caffeine induced energy and watching the time. We’re seeking an asshole free zone atmosphere.


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