Not Too Late To Kick Start Your Health With CrossFit

Pictured: Geno Saenz has been improving his overall body weight since he started a year and a half ago at Bayou City Crossfit. He attends Crossfit every morning before beginning his day and has boosted his overall health. CrossFit #fitnessmotivation follow @edgesgeno ‘s video

Crossfit is a great way to get back into that summer body, but more important a great way to challenge yourself and stay fit. Geno kickstarts his day with the following regimen and recommends this as a goal.  You can begin with the following by breaking it down between days until you feel you are ready for the whole set. Be sure to stretch before and after, drink water and ask plenty of questions so to not injure yourself. Push yourself to your maximum ability and use that as a starting point. Keep track of your progress.

7 Rounds for Time of: 

7 Handstand Pushups for Shoulders and Core

7 Thrusters for Legs, Core, Shoulders

7 Knees to Elbows for Core

7 Deadlifts for Legs and Back

7 Burpees for Total Body

7 Kettlebell Swings for Hips and Shoulders

7 Pullups for Arms and Back


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