Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Shows Her Big Guns

The 28 year old Gal Gadot says, “I just keep active,” when asked how she stays in shape in a recent interview with E! News. The former Miss Israel not only does TRX or Pilates, she also participates in sports and cardio, but not as much as she likes. Miss Gadot, the mother of one, is a natural for the powerful role of Wonder Woman in the up coming DC sequel to Man of Steel vs. Batman.

Gal mentions that she’d rather, “do weights,” for a workout and as for food she tries to eat healthy, but like most of us will eat a cheeseburger. Gal says that a cheeseburger is, “good for the soul.” and balances everything out and drinks tons of water.

No doubt about it, she’ll be prepared for the role right where she belongs fighting crime with Superman and Batman. Gal has also been signed up for the trilogy of Wonder Woman.

The sequel that the three super heroes movie was slated for this summer, but has been pushed out to 2015. The movie will also include Lex Luthor being played by Jessie Eisenberg. Dwayne Johnson has also been cast in the DC world, but it’s unclear who he will be just yet.




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