X-Class Solar Flare


This photo was taken on April 24, 8:27 US EDT, in 131-angstrom wavelength which is great for taking photos at high temperatures and usually comes out in the color of teal.

A solar flare is a powerful burst of radiation.

This solar flare is categorized as a X1.4. There are three types of solar flares, X-Class indicates the intensity while the number shows the strength. The three types are: X1 being the smallest, X2 twice the strength of an X1 and X3 three times the strength.

If it’s intense enough it can disrupt GPS and other signals in the layer of atmosphere that carries communications.

According to NOAA this particular one is a category R1(minor) storm that caused radio blackouts over the Pacific ocean in high radio frequency. The region 2035 which was affected didn’t really have a huge impact from this storm.

Source: NOAA


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