Google Docs and Sheets Available on iOS and Android


Google Docs and Sheets is now available on iOS and Android, but they have been available on Google Drive all this time. So what’s the difference? No much, except that it is more of a convenience. Perhaps there will be more functionality in the future.

Both apps, Docs and Sheets, are available for offline creating and viewing. I have been a long time user of Google Docs since they first appeared in 2005-2006. The ability to create and collaborate easily with others had always been a great feature. I even used it when I was deployed in Iraq to communicate by using the chat option while working on spreadsheets as well as creating and collaborating in Docs in real time. The latter being, much more like an old school chat room.

The only problem I have with Google Docs is that there are not a lot of people to collaborate with. These tools and apps are so easy to use and are free. In school I took classes learning and utilizing Microsoft Suite, because it is widely used more than any other productivity suite. The school requires us to sign up with a Gmail account, so why not use Google Docs? It may seem like it would be sensible, but for the simple reason that MS Suites are used on almost every machine available Google Docs is not.

I’m a Mac totting guy and have struggled deciding on which ecosystem to use, between Google Docs and the Mac Pages and Numbers. But with the recent free Mac apps, Pages, Numbers and Keynote being released on my iPad and iPhone and having the ability to sync to the iCloud, I have been utilizing my iCloud more often.

Google’s app release of the stand-alone, Docs, Sheets and the upcoming release of Slide for presentations is definitely a step in the right direction for the monolith Google company.  Google may be a few months late to the game, since both the Mac Suite (Free) and the MS Suite have been released, but Google is better late than never in making a presence in the productivity app kingdom. It is a great addition to the app world in general.

Thoughts, comments, concerns?

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