The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s Box Office Won’t Amaze Marvel


The webbed wonder is back, in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The second in a proposed four Marvel Entertainment movies about Peter Parker, the teen blessed or cursed with arachnid DNA, ASM2 earned $92 million at the North American box office, according to preliminary estimates from Sony Pictures. It reaped a B-plus from the CinemaScore polling of early attendees (an A-minus from those younger than 25), attracting a mostly male crowd (61%) and a big share of families (33%). As the front-man for the big summer movie season, Spidey is soaring again.

But how high? $92 million sounds like a nice starting number; and it is, even for a movie that cost at least $250 million to produce and nearly $200 million more on marketing. But amid its lofty competition — previous Marvel epics that opened this weekend — ASM2 is only so-so.

A rebooting, and often a retelling, of…

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