Cook and Dre Close The Deal

It is all smiles for the team behind the Apple and Beats by Dre deal. Just when you think that the monolith Apple has reached it’s paramount of ideas, out pops another. The deal to acquire, for the small amount $3 Billion, Beats by Dre seems to be a sensible one. It’s a natural fit for iProducts. Lets not forget it was the iPod (containing music only at the time) that placed Apple on the path to iPhones, iPads,  and reestablish the company as a strong computer company. A lot of die hard Mac followers were already aware of Macintosh abilities. So it makes sense to combine a superior headset with a any iProduct to listen to iTunes on your commute.

Monster Headphones Beats By Dr Dre Studio High Performance Green Camouflage

The Apple and Beats deal also deepens the pockets of music producer Dre, making him the first billionaire rapper. Like the Dre lyrics say he’s been in “the lab wit a pen and a pad,” and it has paid off.


So what’s next? A Boombox.


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