Apple Unveils Yosemite OS X?

Banner raises, new rumors on what could be the name of the next OS X for Mac. 

According to 9to5Mac The banners are being setup for the WWDC, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, scheduled for Jun 2-6 in San Francisco. The new name could be “El Capitan,” after the photo on the banner. This may be the beginning of a new name sequence starting with OS X 10.10.

Apple left the cat family for Maverick and could be moving towards a new mountainous name sequence, using names from Yosemite National Park altogether. It is all buzz, rumor, for now.

iOS 8 is expected to be released alongside the new OS X at the five day event, where one thousand Apple Engineers and five thousand developers will gather to exchange ideas and write code.

The ramp up to WWDC is underway, even iTunes, released an


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