Edge Of Tomorrow Blows Walls Off Theaters

Edge Of Tomorrow

Edge Of Tomorrow

Think, The Matrix (Sentinels), D-DAY (Normandy), HALO (Uniforms) and Groundhog Day all wrapped in one. Yes, Edge Of Tomorrow is that good. I had my doubts going to see it at first. I really thought that the action movies had ended for the summer with most of the big movies out-of-the-way like Captain America and The Amazing Spiderman II. After seeing it, Edge Of Tomorrow delivers.

Tom Cruise plays Major Cage, selling and recruiting soldiers, but when the war is on its edge the General places Major Cage in the war in what turns out to be nothing more than a suicide mission. Emily Blunt plays Rita Vataski, a special forces warrior and when the two come together realizing their common “restart” they set out to defeat the alien enemy.

Edge Of Tomorrow is fast paced in its 113-minutes of playtime. Cruise is funny, and we are not talking corny funny here, the sarcasm towards himself is hilarious, but in a serious way. Cruise says it’s like “Wild E. Coyote,” violent humor and it works.

The whole cast is perfect and the restarts are witty and perfectly put together. It’s not like waking up to a bad dream over and over although that’s exactly what it is in some ways. Bill Paxton stars as a Sergeant Major that points Cruise to his platoon.

The movie may actually mark the beginning and the end of all blockbusters for the summer. It’s just that good.


Latest Comments

  1. joereyes3 says:

    great post. but i disagree with the core concept of this movie. check out mine on this movie. http://wellthatsdifferent.wordpress.com/

    • supersaenz says:

      I must say that if you haven’t seen it, you may want to reconsider, you will not be disappointed. Its a roller coaster of a movie and has humor which indicates that it doesn’t take itself serious, so neither will I. I saw it, and I approve this message. 🙂

  2. CMrok93 says:

    Had a great time with this. Shame it didn’t do much damage at the box office, but I guess that was sort of expected. Good review.

    • supersaenz says:

      Completely agree, really thought the it would do much better. I’ll have to be an optimist on this though, money cannot always be a defining value on the rating of a film. Every franchise needs a beginning otherwise the sequel wouldn’t have a bar to overcome. Second Matrix did much better and so on. Avatar is the exception. Still, I’m routing on the Marvel franchise. “The Fault In Our Stars,” is a surprise ruler over the week.

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