FBI Cries Out Apple iOS 8 Encryption Is Too Secure

FBI Director James B. Comey cried out today that Apple’s iOS 8 platform is so encrypted (how encrypted is it?) that law enforcement officials are not able to gain access even with a warrant.

Police conduct investigations, searching photos, messages and Web histories on smartphones for a range of serious crimes, from murder, child pornography to attempted terrorist attacks.

“There will come a day when it will matter a great deal to the lives of people . . . that we will be able to gain access” to such devices, Comey told reporters in a briefing. “I want to have that conversation [with companies responsible] before that day comes.”

But let’s take a moment here. At first encryption is too weak and pandemonium is breaking out everywhere because of the lack of security in operating systems. Now it’s too strong?

Target had a major security breakdown. HeartBleed hit a few months ago and now today a new Security flaw named Shellshock has hit the streets. Almost every financial establishment has gotten hit with a security flaw. With that in mind, hearing that the FBI crying out that the security of iOS 8 on iPhone or even the new Google platform that is coming out is is too secure may be exactly what we need.

Sounds a lot like the issue with the #bendgate. Consumers begged for a thinner, faster and larger iPhone and now that it’s here the complaints of it bending are coming in.

For years security has been an issue and the search for a stronger security measures have been pursued. Now that we have stronger security in place the FBI is wanting to break into it? If the FBI can get into mobile platforms then so can hackers. Is that really what we’re going for?

Another thing to consider is Apple’s release of Apple Pay, a secure way of making purchases via iPhone through your financial establishments.. If the consumer is going to participate in Apple Pay then the first thing of major concern is going to be security. Too much is at stake. Your money is at risk.

So thank goodness for the moment, that the security of Apple’s iOS 8 and Google’s mobile platform has established stronger security measures. Our mobile devices may be our last stronghold.


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