Two Kids Blatantly Bend iPhone 6 In Apple Store

Meet Cudy and Danny, two Brits out to make a point by bending the iPhone. The two kids are not the sharpest knives in the box as they set out intentionally to bend an iPhone or two as it shows in this video. This generation’s  Laurel and Hardy walked right into an Apple Store and out right bent the iPhone.

Cudy and Danny, iPhone Benders

Cudy and Danny, iPhone Benders

The video shows Cudy’s fingers turning white as he struggles to bend the iPhone 6, obviously showing strain and a lot of effort. Danny manages to crack the iPhone glass from the frame.

“It’s really funny, we’re in the Apple Store bending and breaking their iPhone,” Cudy says,”Which is criminal damage,” he guesses. The two don’t really care about their actions.

Consumer Reports did a bending test of their own posting results without having to walk into an Apple Store and bend iPhones they didn’t purchase.

The #bendgate situation has hit an all time stupidity status. The fact is any item thin enough will bend with enough force (even light bends). A TV screen can receive some damage if pressed too hard, I know this from personal experience. Even a car in a showroom can be damaged. My first iPhone drowned in water after it fell into the sink while washing dishes.

The point is to take care of your items that some have saved up a whole paycheck for. It’s not too complicated to understand that any item being misused will not last. But intentional abuse is a whole different level.

“You’ve just witnessed [Cudy] and Danny, inside the Apple Store bending an iPhone 6,” Cudy says.

Clearly we live in an age when you can just walk right into a store and damage items without worrying about the repercussions. Maybe what is left of civility can overcome the actions of those who lack it.

What’s next, iPad Air Benders? #airbender



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