Amanda Brewer

School Teacher Captures Jaws Photo Of Great White

Great White Shark. Photo: Amanda Brewer

Great White Shark. Photo: Amanda Brewer

The New Jersey based educator Amanda Brewer captured an amazing frame of a Great White Shark when she had volunteered over the summer to collect data for eco-tourism and animal conservation organization White Shark Africa in Mossel Bay. Brewer had not expected to be confronted by the opened jaws of the Great White up close and personal, much less capture the image with a GoPro she just purchased right before leaving for her trip.

“I bought the camera right before I left for the trip, and had no expectations at all,” she said.

The moment the shark approached and opened its jaws, as if to smile, she kept her finger on the camera trigger, not knowing until later if what she saw was captured.

“It was the perfect moment, and the camera is so easy to use and takes such magnificent photos. I’d been waiting for this kind of experience my whole life, and was worried that when it finally happened I’d ruin it, but that photo was taken from the cage and the shark was just coming straight at me. It happens so fast when you’re actually there.” Brewer said.

Now back in her classroom in the U.S., Brewers students are awe-inspired by the teachers passion for her animal conservation as the single frame of the Great White Shark that now hangs in her classroom.

“I knew immediately that that photo was going to do something,” she said. “It’s a motivation for them to see that image, and be excited by it, and to realize that they could do that too, if they wanted. And even though some people may see the image and think it’s terrifying, if 350,000 people can talk about it in one day, at least people are talking and having conversations about these beautiful animals.” she said.




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