Apple Event Live Blog

The Apple Event seemed a little short, but packed a punch. Some of the highlights included the New Mac Mini will be faster and energy efficient, starting at $499.

New Mac Mini

New Mac Mini

The sharper iMac will have a Retina Display, 5120×2880 display. The huge 5k display is sure to make Photographers love it! The speed is incomparable at 3.5 Teraflops of speed, pow!

New iMac

New iMac

When it was time to present the iPad,

Tim Cook asks, “How do you make it better? You do this,” and a video begins with a pencil.

iPad Air 2 - Thinner Than A Pencil

iPad Air 2 – Thinner Than A Pencil

iPad Air is now 18% thinner, to be exact it’s 6.1mm thin at a weight of .96 pound. It comes with a whopping 8x processor, 9.7inch display with 2048×1536 resolution at 3.1 million pixels. What does all of that mean? Well, that just means it’s sharp as hell. And of course all of that means nothing if the battery life isn’t as impressive, and it still is. The iPad Air 2 has enough battery life to get you from Austin, Texas across three state lines and into Pensacola, Florida with only an hour break.

On stage at the Event, Tim Cook said passionately that the iPad is,“unbelievably gorgeous.”

The iPad Mini price mark starts at $249, while the iPad Air 2 begins at $499.

New iPad Lineup

New iPad Lineup

Other topics covered iCloud and how it is at the center of Apple’s efforts to make all of its devices work together. iCloud Drive is making a cloud-storage service that makes sense by providing folders across all devices to view easily. It comes with OS X Yosemite or PC running Windows 7 or later.

iOS iCloud features will allow better access to photos with an iCloud Library and other options by using an iCloud-enabled app on your iOS device.

Just like a lot of apps that include iCloud features any changes that are made on one device will be changed on all your devices. This feature has already been used with iTunes, Numbers, Pages and Keynote without the new folders view.

iCloud - Folders

iCloud – Folders

iMessage and Mail allow mark-up of photos and adding a signature to a form.

Other Mentions

iOS 8.1 will be available on Monday.

Apple Pay goes live on Monday. At least 500 stores have signed on.

Yosemite free out today!!

Apple Watch is displayed on China Vogue. Clearly apple is hitting a global market. Developers will be able to start creating apps next month when the WatchKit rolls out.

Apple Watch Hits Cover Of China Vogue

Apple Watch Hits Cover Of China Vogue

Apple Event is under way.




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