How Does Your Dog Compare?

Designer David McCandless designed a dog matrix that shows overrated, ignored, overlooked and hot dog. The design is based on a data score that adds up intelligence, longevity, ailments and costs minus the grooming and appetite. I had a Labrador once and glad to see it ranks within the “Hot Dog!” area of the chart. It’s interesting to see the cat included and where it lies in the dog world.

Do you think this chart is fairly accurate?

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  1. maxwellthedog says:

    Reblogged this on WITHIN THE K STREETS and commented:
    I found this chart to be an intriguing presentation of complex data ranking dogs by their public popularity and according to a variety of other attributes such as longevity, cost of ownership, health, intelligence and more. Find your breed and then tell us if your pooch was properly positioned. I’ll take a flyer and assume bulldog owners wont agree with the rankings.

    If you find graphic depictions of data to be interesting, as I do, I commend you to the website of the creator of this chart, David McCandless.

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