America, It is Time to Make a Difference!

SEPT. 1, 2014

In the American society today, the average American family struggles financially and health wise. In many articles people tend to blame the government and believe that they cannot help, but is only capable of making issues worse. Some Americans are noticing these problems and try to spread awareness so that we can all join together and make a difference. There are three different people who try to spread this awareness regarding the american society and how America is destructing as we speak. Who in America can fix these defects in our United Nation and how?

Anthony Burgess writes in an article based on how America may be destroying itself, titled “Is America Falling Apart?” Burgess explains that America is polluted, and full of underpaid workers due to the government wanting control. Burgess also says that the Europeans even believe that we are becoming more like them, that we are becoming just as bad.

Burgess regards in his thesis what we should do, Bergess say’s “The time has come, nevertheless, for citizens to demand, from their government, a measure of socialization—the provision of amenities for the many, of which adequate state pensions and sickness befits, as well as nationalized transport, should be priorities.”

Burgess believes that America is falling apart but that we will discover this before it is too late and fix it. A documentary titled “Spent: Looking for Change” was directed by Derek Doneen and written by Adam Trunell, it was made to expose the average American families who struggle through a financial crisis due to unexpected life changing events. Each family goes through something that could happen to anyone such as health issues within the family. Burgess says, “Americans living here and now have a right to an improvement in the quality of their lives, and they themselves, not the remote governors, must do something about it.” It connects to the documentary because the families are exhausted and looking for change which could be comprehended in two ways, looking for change as in money and looking for change as in the American society needs a change. In Burgess’s quote he say’s “Americans living here and now” which means that he and the families in the documentary both not only want change, but they want it now.

In a news article “Too Many Military, Veteran Families Struggling Financially,” written by Tony Teravainen, the day after Veterans Day, November 12,2014, is about veteran families financially struggling for decades. According to Teravainen, it is most common with young families in San Diego. He points out that these veterans are fighting for our country as we speak, and yet their families back home are practically living off food stamps.

Teravainen says, “Our community needs to come together, individuals, small businesses, major corporations and government, to turn the tide on how we care for our military families in San Diego. Acting to end this decades-old crisis involving so many young military families in San Diego will honor all who serve our nation. Indeed, taking action to help these families may be the best way of all to show we really mean it when we say, “Thank you for your service.”

Mr. Teravainen believes it’s time to acknowledge this issue within American society and take a stand to make a difference for veterans who sacrifice to help our country survive.

America is most definitely at a stand still and has been for a while. Although many people believe that the government is to blame, sadly this is not true. “We the people” should have acknowledged the issues at play today and decades ago and should have at least tried to fix things. We instead watch, and ignore our surroundings’, and many of us only care if we and our families are okay, but what about others who ensure our families safety such as the military, what about their families? They don’t get to see their family member who serves our country for years at a time, because they are out there fighting for our country, yet here we are doing nothing about the struggles within. Their out there fighting for something that is falling apart. Why can’t we be as brave and as strong as the military to help them help us? Why can’t we be leaders and go outside and help spread awareness? There are no answers to those question because we can do those things, we just decide not to. America, It is time to make a difference!


DANIA SAENZ is a singer/songwriter, AudaciTech Product Manager and proud Army daughter.


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