Run Pee App lets you know when to pee at the theater

Every great app solves a problem and this one does just that, by letting you know when to take a pee.

Run Pee is created on the premise of watching a movie and needing to take a bathroom break during a long movie in which you just don’t want to miss a scene after drinking a large soda.

Dan Florio, RunPee’s creator creator developed the idea after watching the 2005 movie King Kong, a 3 hour action adventure packed movie, when he found himself needing to make a dash to relieve himself.

“I kept thinking, I wish they would just kill this ape so that I could get to the men’s room,” Florio said.

After the movie he wanted to share with people lined up for the movie King Kong when it would be a good time to take a pee break. Instead he kept it to himself.

In 2008 Florio finally took to the task of creating the The site offers information on 80 percent of the movies he personally watches and takes note on when to take a pee break.

He also made the site socially available to offer other comments.

In January 2009 he released the app with help from family and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Jordan Palmer.

The app reached success with an estimated 3,500 visitors daily within the month.

Run Pee Screen Shot

The application offers current information on movies playing in theaters and gives users the best time during a movie (like that 3 minute song interlude you can survive without) to take a pee break.

The app also listens for and provides a short synopsis on what you’ve missed when you make it back to your seat.

Now that’s an app.



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