Hannah Davis nails bikini cover of Swimsuit Illustrated 2015

Hannah Davis nailed the cover of Swimsuit Illustrated 2015 with her jaw-dropping low “V” cut body that may bare the #NSFW on the internet for a while.

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Soon after being announced on the cover, honored Hannah posted the SI Magazine cover on Instagram, thanking Swimsuit Illustrated and family.

Hannah modeled for Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret and Levi’s. She landed the SI lineup in 2013 and appeared in the banner for Kate Upton’s 2013 cover, identifying Davis as “the dreamy rookie.”


On the Late Night Show, Jimmy Fallon unveiled the SI cover displaying a larger than life Hannah. She then walked out making her guest appearance on the show, modestly participating in a skit walking off with the shows announcer Steve Higgins.

Hannah was born May 5, 1990 and raised in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. She is married to retired Derek Jeter.

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