Superheroes have a life after movies… Awkward Photography

Superheroes have a life after the movies, don’t they? That’s the question photographer Edy Hardjo asked himself when he came up with he idea to purchase several superhero toys and pose them in creative and sometimes awkward positions.

The toys themselves are not your toy store bought, they are specialty toys ranging from $200-$300.

In an interview with DIYP, Edy Hardjo said, “I change original the sculpted hair with rooted hair, to make it looked more alive. My friend do it for me, he is the expert”.

The project turned out some interesting and humorous photos.

edy-hardjo-07-537x670 edy-hardjo-13-670x347 edy-hardjo-18-670x478 edy-hardjo-02-670x472edy-hardjo-14-670x534 edy-hardjo-03-670x523 edy-hardjo-04-546x670 edy-hardjo-06-526x670 edy-hardjo-08-670x596 edy-hardjo-11-670x395

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  1. shantiepc says:

    Reblogged this on The EndPoint Business Blog and commented:
    Loved the one of the hulk sewing. Big points for creativity.

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