Ultron’s dark humor kills it

If you haven’t seen Avengers Age of Ultron, I will not begin to spoil it. I will say that if you want a taste of Ultron’s humor think James Spader in Blacklist meets Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man.   

“I can’t physically throw up in my mouth,” Ultron said.

Age of Ultron has plenty of balance and a thick story line at its underbelly. It’s been well written and extracted of uneccessary elements. 

It’s no secret after today that Loki doesn’t appear, but with Ultron taking center stage and so much going on the disappointment would be that Loki only makes a cameo. 

 Enter Vision. If there’s any Marvel character long awaited for, Vision would be one. Again let’s not ruin the entrance by giving away too much, let’s just say Vision is a sight to see.

For those who doubt going because they’ve seen everything in the fight scene of the Age of Ultron trailer playing for months will be pleased to know there’s so much more that hasn’t been shown. 

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are an amazing addition to the Marvel Universe. You can’t help to imagine how the whole team of Avengers will assemble for the endgame. 

After watching the movie the whole Marvel Universe comes together. 

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