Lily changes everything about selfies

Ever wish you could be followed by your personal paparazzi? Lily does just that, changing everything about the way we take pictures of ourselves and makes it actively personal.

Lily is a throw and shoot camera/quadcopter drone that follows you around using GPS and remote around your wrist while recording in HD. The remote acts as a photo button to capture still photos while in flight.

The best part of Lily is it follows you at a comfortable distance from 5 ft (1.75 m) to 100 ft (30m).

It has a built in rechargeable battery (no interchangeable batteries at the moment) that offers 20 minutes of flight time.

Did I mention that it’s also waterproof? Well it is, but over time, because of metal parts saltwater could cause corrosion.

Lily is available for preorder for $499.00 until it’s release in February 2016 when the price will be $999.00.

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