BB-8 Sphero has awaken and come home

Sphero dropped a bomb, or more precise, BB-8 was released on Friday. If you’re like me it’s one of those gadgets I had to have. 

BB-8 is Sphero in disquise with a magnetic head that revolves around the top while the body rolls via Star Wars Sphero BB-8 app. 

While everyone is chasing drones around in the sky I went with earth bound robotics. 

I first purchased the Sphero Sprk and learned immediately how it operates and how to program it. 

The new BB-8 is for pure fun. It comes with a charging pedestal and a USB cable. Most may be upset to find that the USB Plug is not included. I was lucky enough to have an extra Apple iPhone adapter available to plug the USB cable into.


BB-8 and Sphero 2 SPRK

Once downloading the app and connecting to BB-8 it’s fairly easy to operate when BB-8 is orientated.

On Friday I may have been swept up by all the hype of Star Wars toys being released and reviewed on TV news. Obviously I was part of the  targeted audience. I’m glad I made the purchase because it’s brought me a slice of my childhood I can relive, even if BB-8 wasn’t around during the first Star Wars episodes. Those days it was R2-D2.

I’m betting that Sphero will be tasked with creating a version to go to Mars now and I’m betting it will be more than up for the challenge with hidden extending arms that come out from its core to explore the Mars surface.

Sphero is fun and educating and well worth the purchase. 


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