Apple Event 2015 Delivers Apple Pencil, iPad Pro, iPhone 6s, Apple TV, tvOS, Siri Remote and One Republic

Apple Event

Apple Event

Live event updates:

Tim Cook walks across the stage of Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco and dives right into a series of presentations.

Updates to the Apple Watch is up first. Facebook Messenger, new fall Hermes Apple Watch bands.

iPad is next,

“We have the biggest new for the iPad since the iPad,” Tim Cook said.

Holding the iPad Pro Tim Cook displays it to a screaming audience. The bigger iPad Pro presents a full size keyboard. It has a 12.9in diagonal 2742 x 2048 pixel display. It also has a variable refresh display which means that if things aren’t

A9X Chip has desktop performance. 80% faster than 90 percent of the PCs shipped this year. Still giving an all day battery life of 10 hours. It has a four speaker system. iPad Pro is light and thin. It also comes with a smart keyboard that connects to three new circles that provide the power and easy connection.

If you want to draw, iPad Pro offers precision and new accuracy, Apple Pencil. Jon Ive’s provides the voice for a presentation on the new Apple Pencil. It comes with a lightning connector. Provides low latency and offers the best quality for drawing and writing.

Kirk Koenigsbauer from Microsoft comes out now to offer how amazing the Apple Pencil works with the Microsoft Suite on iPad.

Next is Adobe’s Eric Snowden, Director of Design, does a quick presentation. Using multitasking mode to work with Photoshop Fix and gives a girl a smile. using the Apple Pencil with Sketch he creates an impressive layout using Adobe Comp that will be available in October.

Irene Walsh now shows how iPad Pro how the incredible CPU and graphics allow to animate a bones motion in real-time. Using the Apple Pencil she precisely makes corrections of a tear in the model showing the injury. She continues to annotate and label the anatomy of the procedure that can be shared with the patient.

iPad Pro comes in the three colors, gold, silver, space grey, and starting price for  a 32 gigabytes is at $799, and will be available in November.

“iPad Pro transforms your viewing experience.” Jon Ive’s said.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro

Tim Cooks takes the stage again and begins with Apple TV.

“60 percent of the tv content is viewed on our Apple devices,” Tim Cook says.

The New Apple TV.

Eddy Cue now shows the new Apple TV remote. It includes a Touch surface on the top of the remote. Siri is now included on access of a button.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 2.28.15 PM

Siri Remote with Touch

Jen Folse begins her presentation. Apple screen shots are now included and displays photos available for your time of the day. Ever have one of those moments when you miss what the actor said? Siri now allows you to ask her and she will skip back 15 seconds. She will also skip forward however many minutes you ask her to or you can use the Touch to scroll forward and backward while viewing the scene. You can ask Siri to give you any selected movies by actors, genre and even inquire about the movie. You can continue watching a show while asking about the weather and sports which will give you the information at the bottom of the screen. It will give you access to music and more.

Eddy Cue continues with how Apple TV is connected to music, but begins with tvOS. This will allow developers to create new apps like Galaxy on Fire, Guitar Hero, PlayKids and Madefire allows you to view your comics.

Andy Sum creator of Crossy Road shows how you can play using the Apple Remote and Apple TV. Multiplayer mode is now available to play on Crossy Road. This means that anyone can jump in and play using their iPhone. Crossy Road will be available when the new Apple TV is released.

Jon Carter presents Beat Sports a music game, will allow you to play using the remote while swinging the remote, like playing baseball. You can swing and swipe.

Michelle Peluso now presents the shopping experience using Gilt. The innovation of using the remote and Apple TV is easy and seamless.

Chad Evans from shows how you can get player stats and watch a great full screen and split screen by easily swiping back and forth to more than one game.

Apple Remote comes in Bluetooth 4.o, and a Lightning connector. Apple TV begins at 32 gigabytes for $149 and will be available in late October.

Back to Tim Cook and now the iPhone.

“iPhone has grown 76 percent more than the rest of the industry,” Tim Cook said.

Presentation begins with a iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Phil Schiller is asked to come back to present the Rose Gold aluminum aerospace iPhone.

Rose Gold iPhone 6s, 6s Plus

Rose Gold iPhone 6s, 6s Plus

“3D touch is a tremendous breakthrough,” Phil Shiller said.

iPhone now recognizes force touch, pops, peek are some of the features now available.

“The most advance iPhone ever created,” Jon Ives said.

Taptic Engine helps define a singular experience.

Now to present a demonstration of the 3D Touch, Brian Croll shows how it can be easy to use the 3D Touch to press on a photo and peek at the images.

it has A9 Chip 3rd Generation 64 bit processor and is up to 90 percent faster than the A8 Chip

Andy Wafer of Pixel Toys, shows  how using 3D touch can be used to press on the screen that allows to zoom within the game. A focus blur effect and other intensity graphics were possible with the new A9 Chip.

The M9 motion coprocessor embedded provides to its success. But the camera is now the 12MP iSight Camera. The iSight Sensor has improved deep trench isolation and other improvements. The bottom line is that the camera takes amazing photos. Examples of photos are shown and the exposure in light and low light are accurate. The photos zoomed in are incredible. Panoramic photos are amazing. 4K videos are available and shot in 8 million pixels.

5 megapixel FaceTime camera. The display now acts as a flash while matching the camera in selfie mode allowing you to take pictures of yourself in low light.

Live Photos. Now you can press the photos and it’s alive, a 12 megapixel high-quality photo that’s captured live just before and after the photo is taken. There’s nothing you have to do to take the Live Photo, it’s automatic.

LTE and Wifi are both twice as fast.

There’s a new app created by Apple to easily transfer from Android to Apple iPhone without loosing your data.

iPhone 6s begins $199 and iPhone 6s Plus $299 with two-year contract available September 25.

iPhone Upgrade Program starts at $32 a month and allows you to trade in your iPhone every year.

iOS9 will be available September 16.

The Apple Even rounds up with the iCloud with new price changes beginning at 1 TB at $9.99 a month.

And lastly the show wouldn’t be complete without a concert, Tim Cook presents one of his favorite bands, One Republic.

Apple nails it once again.


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