New DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Drone easy learning curve

The new DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone is easy to operate.

About two years ago I realized that getting a drone would be the most epic gadget I could get my hands on. I thought about the videos I could make and taking advantage of all the aerial views while plotting out new traveling adventures.

Wrapping up my degree in journalism and photography in Austin, Texas, my instructor said after finishing my course if I picked up a drone to give her a call, she would give me a few jobs. I couldn’t wait.

I did my research and found a few respectable drones out there, but the DJI was for me. The price was a little high at the time and I wasn’t about to break the bank. I was just about to go for broke this summer. I just knew if I didn’t get the drone I’d miss out on summer opportunities at events. I hesitated and waited. Luckily I made the right choice.

DJI released the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced,  I knew I was ready to make the leap with my son.

My son and I did a quick inventory, watched the video tutorials, charged the battery and headed to the park. We found an isolated area and set our drone on a small launch pad. We made the connection easily with the remote using his iPhone 6 Plus.

We designated a small rock as the launch pad, our ‘Home’ of return on the app, in case anything unexpected happened it should make its way back to the designated spot. Then we began lift off. We’d studied the controllers just before so that we could manually take control of our destination. It amazing how intuitive and easy it is.

The remote felt second nature and looking through the iPhone app viewer while the drone was moving across the open park field it became clear this was going to fill our expectations.

The Houston skyline made a breathtaking backdrop as we gained more hands on in ‘Beginner Mode” flying around within an invisible barrier. But we were ready to unleash.

We turned off ‘Beginner Mode’ and took charge of our drone. With lever and camera forward we were speeding ahead with an amazing amount of control and stability.

Recording a few minutes of footage and taking a few snapshots, we knew we made the right choice.

The battery soon drained after about twenty minutes of flight. It happened when the drone was about a football fields length from us, the drone looked like a dime in the distance.

Luckily we had set the ‘Home’ near us. The drone took control of itself and headed skyward, calculating its distance and GPS to make a B-Line home.

We watched it fly towards us and drop rapidly using its sensors to adjust its speed and landing safely in the grass a few meters in front of us right where it left from.

We packed it up and later bought another battery, if we were going to grab any cool shots we knew we’d need more air time.

Our drone was going to be a cool beginning to a new way to see the world. Now was can’t wait to take trip and take a series of vantage shots and videos to share.

Hope you enjoy our first of many videos to come.

AudaciTech Aerial Assault Video Productions

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