Supergirl Episode Reveals John Jones

If you haven’t caved into the hype of Supergirl ratings sinking and are truly a DC fan, Episode 7 Human For A Day, has a treat. 

J’onn J’onzz — pronounced “John Jones” is revealed. 

Kara has lost her power battling Red Tornado in the previous episode. Now National City is hit by an earthquake. Alex and Hank are trapped in the DEO with Jemm, a powerful mind controlling alien trying to escape. 

Alex confronts Hank and her suspicions of Hanks involvement with her father. Hank explains how he is hunted by her father who realizes that the alien they are tracking is good.

Hank tells Alex that he’s a shapeshifter, the last man of Mars, John Jones. 

Boom, mike drop.



Alex confronted by John Jones. Supergirl. Coutesy of CBS



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