Tolerance Statues  on Allen Parkway

Houston, Texas – One of seven sculptures named “Tolerance”, a public art exhibit kneels on Buffalo Bayou. The statues are designed by Jaume Plensa, an internationally renowned contemporary Spanish artist and sculptor in February 2011. 

Plensa said, “Despite all of the many differences that make us unique, such as religion or language, we are all trying to achieve similar things, such as love, health, prosperity, and the success of our children.” 

“Tolerance”, is a collection of ten-foot, stainless steel framed statues consisting of numbers, letters of different languages, but no words. The seven statues are intended to reflect Houston’s unity and diversity. The statues are kneeling on stones specially selected by Plensa, and imported from Spain.

The project was conceived after a brutal hate crime against David Ritcheson, a 16-year-old Latino student who later committed suicide in 2006.
Photo/Eugenio Saenz Jr.


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