• Prince dead at 57

    The artist Prince, 57 years old, has died at his Minnesota home, according to Sheriff.  Prince was battling the flu for the past week and may have contributed to his death.  Prince had hits like “1999”, “Little Red Corvette” In 1982, and completely broke out in 1984 with the movie and music of “Purple Rain”. … Continue Reading

  • Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

    Soon after Super Bowl 50 the comments over the halftime show were out in full force ready to judge. Most articles saying that Beyoncé stole the show. I wouldn’t say Beyoncé stole anything. She contributed demographically. It was Super Bowl 50. Why does everything have to be about someone stealing anything. The halftime show was… Continue Reading

  • JLo sings, but watch her dress

    Jennifer Lopez sings her single, “Feel the Light” while her dress displays a universe and scenes from the movie “Home” on Amercan Idol. Originally posted Mar.19, 2015

  • Drop the beats with HTML Drum Machine

    If you were anything like me in the 3rd grade drumming on the school desk annoying the teacher bets are you will like HTML Drum Machine created for the browser. Straight forward and simple.  

  • Christina Aguilera impersonates Britney Spears 

    Christina Aguilera impersonates Britney Spears and totally nails it, on the Late Night Show. Army Study Guide The Essential Reference for Passing the Promotion Jimmy Fallon challenges Christina Aguilera to Musical Wheel of Inpressions. When Christina spins the wheel and lands Britney Spears what follows is amazing. Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears both were part… Continue Reading