• Care For A Purr-fect Cat’achino?

    New York has always been the city of lines, people will wait for anything, as WSJ’s Jason Gay reports. Today will be the last day to stand in line, grab a coffee and kitty of your very own. The pop-up cafe has plenty of coffee and an adoption agency on hand to help you choose… Continue Reading

  • Visualizing The Outcome

    I was on my way to make a pickup at a customer. I was given the directions even through I had an iPhone Map to give me directions. What I did at that moment came natural, I visualized the route in my minds eye from where I was at that moment to the destination. I… Continue Reading

  • Stresses and Behavior

    What are the stresses that influence behavior? Find out and learn more in the Army Study Guide for Leadership and CounselingĀ for iPad available in the Apple Book Store.

  • When you show soldiers you care, they appreciate what you know.

  • Army Study Guide

    Army Study GuideĀ  contains Army Leadership and Counseling review questions and answers to help you along in preparing for the Army Board. Made with Muti-touch the book contains interactive features created for iBooks on your Mac or iPad. Organized and prepared by Retired SGT Saenz has put together a book that can be used offline.… Continue Reading