• Priest cruises on hoverboard during mass (Video)

    Laguna Priest has been criticized for riding around on his hoverboard during Christmas Mass in Manila, Philippines. In a statement the Diocese of San Pablo, Laguna, said, “That was wrong,” in a statement Tuesday. The priest name has been withheld. Flow Cartagena posted the video of the Laguna-based priest using the hoverboard on Facebook. The… Continue Reading

  • McGregor defeats Jose Aldo in 13 seconds

    McGregor defeats Jose Aldo in 13 second record time in Saturday night’s UFC 194 main event to become the new undisputed featherweight champion. Like a scene from the movie Snatch it was over, over before you could pop open a Guinness. The reaction from both corners was disbelief and chaos.       Watch the fight.    

  • Reverse parking is the correct way.

    Parking forward is the most common way to park in a parking stall. As it turns out it’s incorrect. Backing out of a parking stall can place you and others in danger. Backup cameras are helpful, but fail to detect passing vehicles and bicycles.  John Nielson of AAA says, “Never let the technology replace you… Continue Reading

  • Coffee drinkers live longer

    Research reveals coffee drinkers live longer. American Heart Association conducted a coffee study of 200,000 medical doctors and nurses over a period of 30 years. The study found nonsmoking coffee drinkers, regardless of caffeinated or noncaffeinated, lowers mortality rate. One cup of coffee a day had a 6 percent reduced risk of death.  One to… Continue Reading

  • Betsy Ross students are introduced to a drone

    Originally posted on AudaciTech:
    Students were treated to a drone demonstration during Technology and Science Day at Betsy Ross Elementary held October 14, 2015. STEM Students at Betsy Ross Elementary AudaciTech Aeriel Video and Photography introduced their drone to magnet students that came out. After an introduction to drone parts, remote and?screen, students watched Drone…