• America, It is Time to Make a Difference!

    By DANIA SAENZ | SEPT. 1, 2014 In the American society today, the average American family struggles financially and health wise. In many articles people tend to blame the government and believe that they cannot help, but is only capable of making issues worse. Some Americans are noticing these problems and try to spread awareness so that we… Continue Reading

  • FBI Cries Out Apple iOS 8 Encryption Is Too Secure

    FBI Director James B. Comey cried out today that Apple’s iOS 8 platform is so encrypted (how encrypted is it?) that law enforcement officials are not able to gain access even with a warrant. Police conduct investigations, searching photos, messages and Web histories on smartphones for a range of serious crimes, from murder, child pornography… Continue Reading

  • At The Risk of Being an Asshole

    Ever meet that boss or person placed in a leadership position that all of a sudden has become a total jerk? Some call them assholes in small circles in the office and others that have the ability call them out on the spot. Those individuals that can call them out are most likely not in… Continue Reading

  • Media Convergence Adapt or Fall Into Extinction

    This morning I was catching up on stocks particularly Google’s seeing that it’s resting at $1,150 while just a year ago it was seemingly leveling around $650. I keep thinking Ads, blogs, search engines and more news companies are adopting and contributing to Google’s search engines golden pot at the end of their rainbow. The… Continue Reading