• Expresso in space 

    Scientist are studying the effects of fluids called Capillary beverage investigation. And the studies have turned out positive results allowing Sam Cristoforetti to enjoy a cup of coffee in space. "Coffee: the finest organic suspension ever devised." Fresh espresso in the new Zero-G cup! To boldly brew… pic.twitter.com/Zw2CllJgzF — Sam Cristoforetti (@AstroSamantha) May 3, 2015… Continue Reading

  • Jetpack gives him flight

    This may be as close to being Iron Man as we may see, but the real goal is fairly simple. “The real dream is to be completely free,” said Yves Rossy. Yves Rossy built his own jetpack and flies it. In the video you’ll see Rossy fly over Dubai and surrounding desert. It’s breath taking. Rossy… Continue Reading

  • NASA’s Dawn spacecraft orbits Ceres

    NASA’s Dawn spacecraft is now just under 38,000 miles in Ceres orbit, an almost Texas size 600 mile wide asteroid, defined as a dwarf planet. Soon we’ll know all its dark secrets, including the two shining eyes looking out from its surface.  The dwarf planet composition consist of rock and ice. The next stop for… Continue Reading

  • Hawaii volcanos view from International Space Station

    Hawaii Island view taken by Samantha Cristoforetti aboard the ISS. Volcanoes are clearly seen from the ISS traveling around Earths orbit at 4.76 miles per second (7.66 km/s). Samantha Cristoforetti, a European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut and Captain in the Italian Air Force of Italian nationality, is currently a Flight Engineer and living on the ISS from November… Continue Reading

  • Rhea Satellite of Saturn Shines

    Rhea’s spot shines bright like a diamond. The spot is the crater Inktomi, named for a Lakota spider spirit. Rhea is one of 62 moons of Saturn, a moon that is cold reaching temperatures of -281 degrees Fahrenheit and ranging down to -364 degrees Fahrenheit in shaded areas . Rhea has been described as a… Continue Reading