• Is Kanye West trying to break the internet with nudes of Kim

    Kanye West posts several nude photos of Kim Kardashian with the “SWISH!” Comment on Twitter Monday, January 16, 2015. Kanye congratulates Kim on reaching 30 million followers and celebrates by posting a few semi-nudes of her. SWISH!!! pic.twitter.com/QhEdqRIjb4 — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) March 16, 2015   Advertisements

  • Giant Pit bull is 175 pounds of love

    Hulk is a pit bull weighing in at 175 pounds at 18 months of age. Owners Marlon and Lisa Grennan, dog trainers at Dark Dynasty K9, have raised Hulk to be gentle. Hulk hangs out with their son Jordan, 3-years-old. Together Jordan and Hulk sing (howl) and sometimes Jordan gets a supervised ride on Hulk.… Continue Reading

  • Still wondering where babies come from?

    This cartoon explains everything, visually, unless you speak or understand Swedish. This may be the cutest sex ed explanation of what’s happening when the sperm make their celebratory way to fight for a chance to enter the egg. Although dancing vagina’s and penises may never make their way to the classroom it’s without a doubt… Continue Reading

  • Man texting, misses humpback whale moment

    Man looking at his phone is completely oblivious to the nearby humpback whale surfacing feet away from him in Rodondo, Beach, California in January 2015. Follow. Study. Lead. Army Study Guide Eric J. Smith, a photographer, saw this unidentified man on and snapped several photos and the man never looked up. “A small private sailboat… Continue Reading