• Apple Watch may include FaceTime camera

    Next Apple Watch may have a FaceTime camera when released in June 2016. Apple has said that the Apple Watch will be unveiled at the next Apple Developers Conference. The watch is also expected to be much thinner.   Advertisements

  • Apple attacked by hackers

    Apple is being attacked by hackers for the first time.  A warning issued by Apple states hackers using ransom malware hack into the computer files and then ask you to pay ransom.  Apple has already taken actions to protect customers.  (Photo By Craig Garner)

  • Priest cruises on hoverboard during mass (Video)

    Laguna Priest has been criticized for riding around on his hoverboard during Christmas Mass in Manila, Philippines. In a statement the Diocese of San Pablo, Laguna, said, “That was wrong,” in a statement Tuesday. The priest name has been withheld. Flow Cartagena posted the video of the Laguna-based priest using the hoverboard on Facebook. The… Continue Reading

  • Betsy Ross students are introduced to a drone

    Originally posted on AudaciTech:
    Students were treated to a drone demonstration during Technology and Science Day at Betsy Ross Elementary held October 14, 2015. STEM Students at Betsy Ross Elementary AudaciTech Aeriel Video and Photography introduced their drone to magnet students that came out. After an introduction to drone parts, remote and?screen, students watched Drone…

  • Apple Thwarts Malicious Code

    Apple confirmed a malicious code was inserted into apps using developers tools on Sunday, September 20, 2015. Copied and altered versions of the developer program Xcode loaded on Chinese servers owned by Baidu, were used to insert malicious code into apps. About 40 Chinese popular apps were affected with the malicious code or malware discovered. The Palo… Continue Reading